Why Most Home Businesses Fail

Delegation Management is being introduced into the home business arena. It is proven to eliminate the fatality rate that plagues the home business industry. Statistics show that 99% of all businesses will fail which includes the home business arena. Through delegation management and marketing this failure rate is and will decline. As delegation management and marketing start to become more understood the public will gravitate to the home businesses that make these strategies their cornerstone.

It is a know fact that the existing system of duplication does not work. People have become weary to hype that promotes flawed strategies. The argument that the reason people fail is because they don’t work at the home business is hollow at best. The person who purchases a home business usually does so because the individual selling the business makes promises that persuade the owners to buy. These promises are usually laden with untruths and false expectations. But the real reason why people fail is because they don’t get the training needed to run a business. They are left to their own devices. The most critical point is that if the new home business owner is guided at all they are usually guided to duplicate the business model that everyone else follows. Because they get no training, except from the person who sold them on the home business, they are only taught to duplicate what the other person knows. Neither are skilled in running a home business therefore there is a great chance that both will only last a short period of time.

The duplication business model is one that requires a home business owner to do all the work themselves. If they are fortunate to team up with a spouse it gets easier, but for the most part they are being an employee in their home business. They are essentially the home business, and if one part of the system breaks down the whole business will fail. If the duplication method actually worked more would be successful and the fatality rate would be lower. The ones that survive are ones that figure out the delegation process.

By learning Delegation Management and Delegation Marketing you will assure your success. These new concepts have been around for many years in the Fortune 500 corporate marketplace, and now are introduced into the home business environment. Flawed strategies are usually not discovered until someone decides to look into why existing systems don’t work. Or the systems that are being used are so bad that the failure rate becomes so evident that people stop attempting to create home businesses out of frustration. In the home business arena experts have looked at why such a huge failure rate, and discovered that the existing strategies don’t work. Using duplication management and marketing, the home business owner will only accept a system that has its own unique strategic plan. Once the plan is decided upon then the home business CEO executes the plan. These plans are successful plans but require delegation management to implement them.

The home business evolution has escalated for several reasons. One people want to create multiple streams of revenue or individuals are either tired of working for someone else. Other reasons may be more individual like losses of job or economies are getting tight therefore more household income is needed. Either way attempting to create revenue through losing strategies will only cause more economic loss and hardship on the individual trying to create more wealth. Through strategic planning and delegation management the outcomes are known before they happen, guiding the home business owner to achieve the desired outcome. Multi-level marketing only works through delegation management and marketing, and will not occur under the old duplication model. But further setting up a model of business that allows you to hire sales people to build your business for you is even smarter.

We teach delegation management and marketing, which results in our Partners earning high levels of income. In addition to our models we use a system called Jaguar Marketing which allows Partners to achieve the designated 10K Per week in income. Some earn even more. We are frustrated at the attitude of people trying to create a home business, and are even more amazed at the amount of money that is wasted in the attempt. I always refer to the statistics that “If ten percent of the people control ninety percent of the world’s wealth, then this proves that the majority of the people follow the ninety percent advice.” Do you want to be in the ten percent, and if so please call us? Only a small amount of people will take action. Our phone numbers is 610-280-7000 and ask for Rachel Coleman. she will set up an appointment for you or fill out the form click here [http://signup.delegationmanagement.com/], and one of our staff will call you to set up a convenient time for us to explain our process to you.

Online Investment – Timing Is Everything

They say that ‘timing is everything’ and it’s never more than true when committing to an online investment. For the comedian, actor, athlete and politician timing is a key skill in success. Being in the right place at the right time is part of the skill (or luck) of any kind of success. The basketball or football player needs to be doing the right thing when the scout is about. The busker singing on the street can have their lives changed if a record producer happens to be walking past.

So is success down to luck – well yes and no. I’m a big believer in creating your own luck. If you put yourself about, take risks (albeit calculated ones) and put yourself in situations where opportunity can be seized.

The most common piece of investment advice given is ‘get into property’ and as a general rule it’s sound advice. Property in general appreciates in value over time and delivers a return on investment significantly better than any bank or savings scheme can offer. However – timing can make or break the investment opportunity. Many have been caught short by entering the property market at the wrong time and making very little – and in some sad cases ending up in negative equity. If you buy in a town that is on the rise – then you’ll make money from your investment. If you buy in town and a factory then lays of 1,000 employees causing widespread unemployment – there’s a good chance that you could lose money, see very little growth or have to wait a long time to see a return on your investment.

If I could give only one piece of investment advice it would be to develop the skill of being able to spot opportunities. Broaden your perspective – think laterally and learn how to read how events will shape things financially and then make calculated decisions based on those factors. If you can learn this new kind of thinking – then you will see investment opportunities others miss – and most importantly you will see them in time to get in early.

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Simplify Small Business Accounting With One Easy Step

A leading cause of small business failure in North America today is caused by financial mismanagement, or failing to properly manage the accounting. Small business owners are usually over their heads in work, and simply don’t have the time or patience to deal with accounting matters.

This can lead to serious small business problems, including the following:

o Poor cash flow

o Failure to file income tax quarterlies

o Inability to produce a well planned budget

o Lack of adequate records to construct a Profit & Loss Statement

o Supplier Disruption due to lack of payment

One Easy Step

An easy way to plan ahead and avoid many of these issues is to start by opening up 2 bank accounts dedicated for your business. Start by choosing a bank that offers free or low-cost business checking, and open an account. Be sure to open both a checking AND a savings account for your business, and fund the savings with one dollar if need be. The checking account should be funded with the money you plan to use for your business. This will be important for the stability of your business, as you will soon see. If possible, link your personal account to the business checking account to enable easy transfer of funds, as will be explained.

Opening the Accounts

In order to open a Business Bank Account, you will need some specific documentation. Check with your local county clerk’s office for the steps you need to file your business name and receive a business certificate. You may or may not need to receive an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS, depending upon the nature of your business. When opening the account, you will need to bring some verification of the business existence, such as telephone bills or credit card statements in the name of the business.

Using the Accounts

There are two simple rules that you need to follow when using a business bank account:

1. Don’t use the business bank account for your personal expenses.

2. Don’t use your personal bank account for business expenses.

Many business owners make this mistake, and that is why their finances are confused. When spending money for the business, use the business account only. When money is earned by the business, place it into the business account only. DON’T confuse the two, even though you own both. If you are careful about this, accounting for your business will be fairly easy.

Paying Yourself

When taking money home, meaning that you wish to pay yourself from the business, DON’T spend directly from the business account. This will lead to all kinds of problems. Rather, write yourself a check (or transfer the amount you wish) to your personal bank account. When doing so, take another important step. Set aside 25% of the money you pay yourself into the business savings account. This will be used to pay the IRS every quarter, when your estimated taxes are due. If you set aside 25%, that should cover your tax bill up to an annual profit of $60,000. If you make more than that, set aside 30%. By doing so, you will ensure that you always have the funds needed to pay those nasty tax bills when they come due, and you won’t fall behind.