Why Home Businesses Fail?

Delegation Marketing

It is a known fact that most based businesses fail shortly after they are started. Most businesses are started on a shoestring and usually the money used in starting a home business is from the cash flow of the business owner. The business will survive as long as the business owner is willing to fund the operation. Most all businesses never survive simply on their own cash flow because the business model is not one of survival. The model is a flawed model based on the duplication of others mistakes. Never could any business survive when failure is duplicated by failure.

How does this happen?

Home businesses are sold to individuals with each new business owner following the examples of the people who sold them the business. The one who sold the business idea to the business owner soon goes on to another business, and then they drop the one that they were initially selling. They flit from one business to another with every one failing, and eventually they stop because they finally decide they are tired of spending their hard earned capital on a losing proposition. The revenue that is realized from the business is very small or next to nothing, and after this is done for a few months, the new home business owner sees another opportunity and changes to the next greatest home business. Duplication of one business failure to another! This model has repeatedly been a failure system with few business owners winning. Why all of these years’ people have fallen for the hype and schemes that have easily extracted cash from people who desperately wanted to better themselves, and create income for their families is a great question? The only logical answer is that people are desperately trying to find a better way; therefore they think that if they keep trying they will eventually find the opportunity.

For years people have spent money hoping that the promises, which were part of the sales marketing hype that was used to sell the business, only to realize failure instead of success. All the marketing used to sell the based business is based on following the strategy of duplication. The business, under its current structure, is simply a numbers game. The people setting up the home business and the ones selling the home business all know that they have to find work through a certain amount of people to get another person to buy into the home business. These same people know that the staying power of each and every home business owner will only stay a short period of time before they are off to the next opportunity. The winner is the person who is in their face when the potential business owner is looking for that new opportunity.


Here is the solution to success down and dirty! You must find a home business that gives you a very high income. Treat the business as if you are looking at a franchise opportunity and that the opportunity is costing you tens of thousands of dollars. If you were looking at a McDonalds Franchise and being asked to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars would you do your due-diligence? You bet! You would make sure that what you were getting was proven and that other owners were making money. You would check the business out. You should have that same intensity with the business that you are considering. You should act as if you are spending lots of money for the business because in essence you are.

Look at it this way, if you spend money to join a business, what ever the cost, you must calculate what you earn per hour currently. Then you have to figure that you will spend about 15-20 hours per week for the next 12-18 months working to get your home business started. At your current hourly rate how much do you have to earn to at least break even? Now in any start-up you will spend a lot to get the business going but will you recoup your initial investment of time and money back in the next 12-18 months? These points are totally ignored when setting up a business. Subconsciously this contributes to business failure, because the home business owner wakes up and realizes that they have spent more than they received in revenue, so they quit or are off to the next fabulous opportunity. If the potential business owner did a little home work they would not join the business or MLM. This little tidbit would save millions of business failures.

While we are discussing investment one of the important issues to be aware of is ROI [Return on Investment]. When you are running a business you want to make sure that whenever you spend money you can see a large potential return on the money spent. By doing a strategic plan before you spend money you will calculate your ROI and see if the potential dollars spent will return what you are expecting. There is a simple calculation that can easily return an answer and let you know whether to spend the money or not.

Another point is that you get what you pay for. If you take on a low price product than you will have to sell a lot more product to get your initial investment of time and money back. I don’t know whether you know this or not, but it takes just as much time and effort to sell a lower price product as it does to sell a higher price product. As a matter of fact, the lower price product makes people wonder how you can make millions on a $10 product. The higher the price product the easier the sale! I don’t care what you say I have done it both ways.

Training by successful people, is essential since you want to be trained by experts. If the business you are looking at has no training, opt out. No training is a definite recipe for failure. Any business worth its salt will have training, but don’t be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Is the training legit? Have the person selling you the business tell you about the training. Learn as much as you can and understand the technology behind it. Many businesses say they will train you and usually the training is done by the person selling you the home business. This is back to duplication, instead of delegation. You want to understand the person’s credentials that is doing the training. Don’t let the blind lead you! Also ask if their strategy is duplication or delegation. They probably will not understand what you are asking but this question will give you a clue as to where they are coming from.

Now let’s talk about delegation. What is it and how to put it in practice? Delegation management and marketing is a new trend in creating a home business. It has been developed out of sheer frustration when looking at the failure rate in businesses. As we looked at why businesses failed we discovered that it was simply by duplicating what others who were failing were doing. It’s as simple as that, but it took time to put the labels on it. When looking at the successful business in any industry you will see that their success starts with their strategic plans on down. Any business without a strategic plan will not work easily. Then from there as the plans are implemented, they are delegated through personal to get the task done. Now I can hear you saying that you are a business and don’t have the money to hire personal, calm down. We teach you and guide you to think like a CEO and not an employee in your business. We direct you to the right people to hire and then show you how to hire them on commission. We teach you how to build a sales force that does the job for you. We teach you how to acquire the necessary staff to run your business. Remember time equals money. You must do things that reflect your value, you are not an employee. You are not to do everything. As you learn to run your business and not work in it you will see a rise in your income. You will be running a home business that has substance and value. They only time you need to look at any company is simply for the products they offer, not their business structure.

My business is consulting, the products that I use are gotten form different sources but the fact remains that my business is consulting. I only take on products that fit my business model, which can complement my product mix. So I want to find a company that has a history of delivering a good product and paying on time. A good rule of thumb in the business industry is whether a company has been around for more than five years. Less than that and they are a business casualty waiting to happen? I have been consulting for almost thirty years and have seen a lot of businesses come and go so when looking at starting a home business we piggy back off an existing business, and brand it for you personally, then run it as a private personal business. The business becomes your business and not a MLM or Networking business that you are a representative of.

Through delegation marketing and management your home business becomes a viable business model and you are able to see results faster than any other way. One of the enormous benefits to running a business through delegation management and marketing is that you will not prospect. You delegate that task which leaves you to running the business. By delegating the task of prospecting you have your sales force working hard to get their leads, and sales through trained systems that are proven. When we work with our Partners [We call clients Partners since we are forging relationships with the people we train.] we teach their sales people how to get leads just as our sales people do. We have a multitude of ways that we can teach your sales force to prospect, but the point is you are not doing, it they are.

Lastly for now is support. What type of support will you receive? We have developed a “Partner Development Program” that was actually designed by a veteran customer service executive who got fed up with how people were treated in the market place. One of the biggest complaints is that when people signed up for a business opportunity, the companies were all over you until you signed on the bottom line then they disappeared into the air. Actually they were off to the next victim and left you all alone to fend for your self. As you can see I am cynical about this system so we developed a Partner Development tracking system that makes sure that you are doing everything you are supposed to do to become successful. We leave no stone unturned. Our Partner Development Program is what sets us apart from the other consulting business in the home business market place. We stand head and shoulders above the other companies marketing similar products. As a matter of fact we have had people sign up for the same product with a different system owner and then want to use us. We politely declined since we derive our revenue from our sales and not someone else’s. Make no mistake we are out to make money, and make a lot of it, but we are more concerned about nurturing our clients. We are grateful for every one of our clients, Partners, and take a personal interest in their development.

We I have bent your ear enough. If you want to learn more about how we can help you derive massive success and guide you to our promoted 10K per week program please click here [http://signup.delegationmanagement.com/] and fill out the form or call us at 610-280-7000 and ask for Rachel Coleman.

Intro to Investing

Investing is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of human life. Many people put off investing or simply do not put any of their money away their entire working life and when it comes time to retire, there is nothing there for them. In this world of uncertainty when it comes to Social Security, it is imparitive that an individual invests some of their income for their future use and retirement. Putting off investing is one of the most hurtful things you can do for your future. When it comes to investing, time is your greatest ally. Time allows you to earn compound interest on your bank accounts, own stocks whose dividends are reinvested and whose shares split, as well as own properties that continually increase in value.

There are many excuses for someone to put off investing. “I’m too young, I’ll start in a few years when I am making more money.” “I don’t have the money right now, I have kids to raise, I’ll start when they move out.” “If I don’t have any money saved, there will always be Social Security for me.” Pretty soon, someone finds themselves nearing the age of retirement with little to no money waiting for them when they finally retire. This is not a fun situation to be in. When most people are retiring that individual is forced to stay in the workforce to support themselves and make a futile effort to build some kind of portfolio to allow them to retire before life gets the best of them.

When many people think of investing, they think of the stock market. Though this is a major part in investing, it is by no means the only one. There is real estate, Bonds, and even banks. You may wonder how a bank can be considered a good investment. Though it may not make you much money on your money, they are a place to build up your funds to invest other places. A bank can be an important stepping stone on the road to a comfortable retirement. It is also important not to tie all of your money up in one place. Have a little bit in real estate, a little bit in the stock market, a little bit in bonds, and yes a little bit in a bank as a backup. This is kind of like a safety net. If one part of your portfolio should underperform one year, the other parts should pick up the slack. A correctly diversified portfolio will always be making you money no matter what is going on with the economy at any given moment.

You should always try to save a portion of you income. Set a resonable percent and pay yourself first. Try not to touch that money that you pay to yourself. If you are going to come up short one week, try to find some other source for your money. It is important to get this saving habit down early and to follow it strictly. Right from your first adolescent job you should be saving your money for your future. In fact, the years when you still live at home are the prime years to get a good base in your portfolio. An adolescent living at home has very little expenses. Though they will most likely make minimum wage or close to it, with the lack of expenses that go along with living with ones parents, they can afford to invest much of the money that they make. This comes hard to most teens living at home. They get some money and they want to hurry up and spend it on movie tickets or new cds. This fall back to the pay yourself first method. If they take a portion of their check out right when they first get it and forget about that portion, it forces them to give up some of the unnecissary items or find some other productive way to make some extra money to get them.

The bottom line is your biggest ally when it comes to investing is time. You can never get time back and its powers to aid you in having a comfortable and early retirement are priceless. DO NOT put off investing. If you haven’t started saving money, go out today and open a bank account. It is very important to save when you can so it is there for you when you wish to have it. You must also remember that is wise to have a diversified portfolio. The saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” rings true. Hopefully this website will be of some use in helping you to decide how and where to invest your money. Take your time and read all the articles, they are methods that I feel are good ways to build a strong portfolio and to gain financial freedom at an early age to allow you to enjoy your family during the most important years of your life.

For more articles on investing, visit http://www.interestinginvesting.com

Angel Investing

Angel investing helps entrepreneurs open start-up businesses.

Angel investing is right for you if you want to get involved with new businesses. It can be a dangerous investment, so you should always make sure that the business you are funding looks as though it has a good chance of actually turning a profit. If you are at all unsure of the business then you should give it a pass. Angel investing also requires that you have large amounts of money to start with, since you’re essentially going to have to give out huge loans to start-up companies.

If you are trying to start-up your own company, then you’ll want to look for an angel investor. The reason for this is that most people just do not have the money on hand to start up their first business. Therefore, you should look for somebody who has enough capital to spend on your venture – venture capitalists. While there are a few new businesses who manage to get money from the professional venture capital firms, this is not very likely. As a result, you’ll want to look for the so-called angel investors – these are very wealthy individuals who want to make high-risk investments.

While it sounds at first that it might be hard to find somebody who is interested in angel investing, it is not all that difficult. In fact, many more new start up businesses are funded through angel investing than through venture capital investments. It’s also possible that you will eventually get venture capital funding after you manage to find somebody interested in angel investments – due to the growth of your business.

One thing that makes this difficult, however, is that it is very difficult to figure out exactly what angel investors are likely to invest their money in. Therefore, you’ll have to do a lot of work in order to make your business look desirable. It might be hard to make it desirable to angel investors who are looking for specific features, but the biggest thing you will need to do is to make your business look as though it will definitely be profitable. Once you have a profitable business plan, you should be able to find angel investing – but make sure that your business also has a chance to be high-growth!