Business Women – Is Business Networking With Other Women in Business One of Your Issues?

Business today as much as yesteryear is about relationships. With women business owners and women executives expanding their influence within the marketplace, meeting fellow women business owners just makes good business sense. Yet, where does one find them and more importantly know if it is a good fit?

Each community has a plethora of groups where the primary membership is women. There are national organizations such as: National Alliance of Business Owners, Business and Professional Women (BPW), E-Women Network; Women in Construction; just to name a few with local chapters.

Chambers or service organizations may have small business committees where women in business can meet other women in business. Couple these organizations with business after hours and other related business events such as seminars to workshops provide a rich environment for women in business wanting to connect with other women in business.

With plenty of opportunities, meeting other fellow female business owners won’t happen if your marketing skills (networking) along with your self leadership skills are lacking. Many women in business due to their hectic schedules and demands may not be open to other women who they perceive lack professionalism.

If you are business networking, make sure that you always look and at as the very best professional person that you can be. Taking such actions may require attending some professional development such as improving your speaking through Toastmasters or working with an Executive Coach.

After meeting fellow female business colleagues, take some additional time to meet them over coffee and see where your energy connects. You may discover an unknown strategic partner who was looking for someone to help out with a prospective contract or sale.

Finally, when networking remember to bring value to the other person. Ask if there is anything that you can do to help this other woman in business? By focusing on the other woman truly demonstrates your values and genuine concern for helping other women business owners and executives.

P.S.- IMPORTANT! Please do not forget your professionally printed business card. Also, make sure that you have a website with a real email address and not a generic one such as Yahoo.